You’ve completed the concealed carry class. Now What?

How concealed carry works:

Once you have completed the concealed carry class and received your certification, you must submit an application to the Illinois State Police.

The first day to file for an Illinois Concealed Carry License is January 5, 2014. Visit the ISP website for more information.

An Illinois Concealed Carry License is required.  Your application to the Illinois State Police will consist of documentation verifying you have completed the required concealed carry class, mandatory fingerprinting by approved vendor, head and shoulder photo, and payment for a 5-year license.


  • $150 for 5 years for Illinois residents
  • $300 for 5 years for out-of-state residents

American Concealed Carry Training Academy offers a registration service for a small fee. If you would like ACCTA to handling the ISP registration on your behalf we will:

  • Insert your personal data for you such as your log-in information, take and upload your photo, and upload your State Certificate
  • Submit a copy of your FOID card
  • Submit a copy of your driver’s license
  • Submit your electronic fingerprint TCN number
  • Submit payment to the Illinois State Police

CONTACT US for more information about how we can assist you with filing your ISP registration once your complete your concealed carry course.

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