Ron Reeder

Ron Reeder is a longtime resident of Southern Illinois and served in the United States Military. He is an avid supporter of the Second Amendment and is a NRA certified pistol instructor and NRA Range Safety Officer.  Ron enjoys educating Illinois residents about gun safety and proper gun handling in order to help facilitate safe, legal gun ownership.

Certified in Illinois, Florida and Utah

Ron Reeder is not only certified as an Illinois Concealed Carry instructor, but also is a Florida and Utah Concealed Carry Instructor.  You may wonder why being licensed through the States of Florida and Utah is something an Illinois resident would consider? Because of the reciprocity laws for the States of Florida and Utah, your Concealed Weapon or Firearm License from these states will also be recognized in the states that share reciprocity with Florida and Utah. These states include several that border Illinois including Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Iowa. At present, no state shares reciprocity with the State of Illinois. This means the Illinois Concealed Carry license is only recognized in Illinois.


Kenny Akins

Kenneth “Kenny” Akins is a lifelong resident of Southern Illinois (Murphysboro). He is married with two children and three grandchildren.  Kenny is an avid supporter of the 2nd Amendment and is a member of the NRA.  He is a retired police officer with over 40 years of law enforcement experience.  As a law enforcement officer Kenny served as Patrol Officer, Investigator and Range Officer. He specialized in narcotics investigations and as a hazardous materials dismantler/training officer.

Kenny has been a volunteer firefighter for over 40 years, and is a volunteer at General John A. Logan Attendance Center in Murphysboro.  He currently serves on the Board of Trustees for the Murphysboro, Pomona & Somerset Fire Protection District.

Kenny’s certifications include:

  • Police Firearms Instructor by Illinois Local Government Law Enforcement Officers Training Board, since 1981
  • Flying While Armed by Southern Illinois Criminal Justice Program, since 8-2004
  • Specialized Hazardous Materials Training Officer by Drug Enforcement Administration, Quantico, VA, 6-1999
  • Site Safety Officer by DEA, Quantico, VA, 10-2002