Who can apply for an Illinois Concealed Carry License?

According to Illinois Concealed Carry Laws, the applicant must:

    • Be at least 21 years of age
    • Have a valid FOID Card (if an Illinois resident)
    • Have not been convicted or found guilty in Illinois or any other state of:

– a misdemeanor involving the use or threat of physical force or violence to any person within the last five years
– 2 or more violations related to driving while under the influence of alcohol, other drugs, intoxicating compounds, or any combination thereof, within the last five years.

  • Not be the subject of a pending arrest warrant, prosecution, or proceeding for an offense or action that could lead to disqualifcation
  • Not have been in residential or court-ordered treatment for alcoholism, alcohol detoxification, or drug treatment within the last five years.
  • Submit a completed Concealed Carry License application
  • Successfully complete 16 hours of firearms training, including classroom and range instruction.


Course Information

The course consists of 16 hours of training.
You may be able to reduce the amount of hours required if:

      • you have had previous firearm training. Up to 8 hours will be applied.
      • you are an Honorably Discharged Veteran. A copy of your DD214 will apply a credit of 8 hours.
      • you have taken the Illinois Hunter Safety Class. A copy of your certificate will credit you with 4 hours.
      • you have taken the Utah or Florida Concealed Carry class and received your permit. Your permit will credit you up to 4 hours.
      • CLICK HERE for a list of training courses acceptable to satisfy the prior training requirements.

Cost of Training

      • $200 per course
      • $50 non-refundable deposit is required upon registration, payable through Paypal
      • The remaining $150 is due one week prior to your course date.


We are Certified in Illinois, Florida and Utah

Ron Reeder of American Concealed Carry Training Academy is not only certified as an Illinois Concealed Carry instructor, but also is a Florida and Utah Concealed Carry Instructor.  You may wonder why being licensed through the States of Florida and Utah is something an Illinois resident would consider?

Because of the reciprocity laws for the State of Florida and the State of Utah, your Florida or Utah Concealed Weapon or Firearm License is also recognized in the states that share reciprocity with Florida and Utah. These states include several that border Illinois including Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Iowa. At present, no state shares reciprocity with the State of Illinois. This means the Illinois Concealed Carry license is only recognized in Illinois.